NÚRIA AÑÓ (Lleida, 1973) is a Catalan writer, translator and a speaker at various specialized colloquiums and conferences. She often speaks about her work, literary creation, cinema, cities or authors such as Elfriede Jelinek, Patricia Highsmith, Salka Viertel, Alexandre Dumas fils, Franz Werfel and Karen Blixen. Añó has exhibited her work in universities and institutions, such as the University of Lleida (UdL), the University of Tunis, the University of Jaén (UJA), the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC-Madrid), the Sysmän Kirjasto Library in Finland, the Shanghai Writers’ Association (SWA), Fudan University, East China Normal University, Sinan Mansion, the Shanghai Cervantes Institute and the Krakow Cervantes Institute, the Conrad Festival, Massolit Books or Bar Baza in Poland, as well as giving talks in libraries and secondary and higher education centers. She is also a member of several international artistic juries.
Her work, which includes novels, short stories and essays, has been published and translated into Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, Polish, Chinese, Latvian, Portuguese, Dutch and Greek.
Her first novel Els nens de l’Elisa (Omicron, 2006) was the third finalist in the 24th Ramon Llull Prize for Catalan Literature. This was followed by L’escriptora morta ([The Dead Writer (2020)], Omicron, 2008); Núvols baixos ([Lowering Clouds (2020)], Omicron, 2009); La mirada del fill (Abadia, 2012) and the biography on Jewish screenwriter Salka Viertel El salón de los artistas exiliados en California (The Salon Of Exiled Artists In California: Salka Viertel Took In Actors, Prominent Intellectuals And Anonymous People In Exile Fleeing From Nazism, 2020) is the result of three years of research in international archives and is her most recent work.

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2066. Beggining the age of correction / by Núria Añó

The working population beginning to think about retirement is called by the state to participate in an ecological mission.
A land of older people and with the experience finally to be able to decide if they throw out the alarm clock or put it in a suitcase. A nation that will be able to choose what they put in a suitcase. People that will have a choice between bathing suit and a walking stick for the mountain, wearing SPF factor 60 or 120. Hotel or apartment complex. Chalet or camping store.

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Presage / by Núria Añó

Anna, whose shadow casts itself on the wall since very early in the morning, now starts to fade away. Anna and that shadow of hers that moves from wall to wall should not be locked in here. She could just pack up and leave, but she does not visualize what’s beyond ahead. She knew more, but now she’s forgotten it. She can no longer distinguish between what she wanted to become and what she has become. She lives in a 60m² dwelling with official protection and has as husband the same guy who impregnated her when she was seventeen.

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